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CIVC Partners Teams with Management to Invest in Medical Knowledge Group, LLC


CIVC Partners recently teamed with management to invest in Medical Knowledge Group, LLC, a provider of medical communications and health care education services based in New York City. As part of the transaction, key managers reinvested a portion of their proceeds, retaining a significant ownership in the Company.

Medical Knowledge Group is a New York City-based holding company comprised of several best-in-class organizations dedicated to addressing the unmet education needs of physicians and other health care professionals. Guided by strategic insight and medical/scientific acumen, MKG companies specialize in distinct areas of health care marketing and/or communications across all media platforms.

The investment in Medical Knowledge Group represents another example of CIVC’s investment strategy of partnering with exceptional, visionary management teams at market-leading companies in our affinity areas. Medical Knowledge Group is led by Leon Behar, Jeffrey Schab and Edward Lazarowitz (the founders of the Company). These three executives are industry leaders with a keen understanding of how to achieve success in health care marketing and education services. CIVC has extensive experience in the marketing services and education services industries. This expertise enabled CIVC to close the transaction quickly, despite difficult financing markets. As management’s partner, CIVC will provide strategic guidance and has committed growth capital to Medical Knowledge Group in support of management’s plans for organic growth and external expansion in the coming years.

If you have a potential add-on opportunity for Medical Knowledge Group, please contact: Marcus Wedner (312 873 7320 )or John Compall (312 873 7315).

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